George Parker Freeman

Male 1811 - 1891

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  George Parker Freeman was born 21 Apr 1811, Pittsylvania Co, Va (son of William Freeman and Sarah Parker); died 23 Sep 1891, Lawrence Ohio.


    George Was a farmer in Fayette Township. He was a member of the First Baptist Church of South Point for over 40 years, holding all the offices at various times. He died 23 November 1891. {taken from "History of Lawrence Co., Ohio page 163}

    George — Harriet Ballard Smith. Harriet (daughter of John Smith and Nancy Garrett) was born Apr 1815, Wayne County, Virginia. [Group Sheet]

    George married Rebecca Brubaker 28 Aug 1838, Lawrence Ohio. Rebecca (daughter of Abraham Brubaker and Mary Stover) was born 4 Jan 1803, Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Virginia; died 25 May 1877, Lawrence Ohio. [Group Sheet]

    1. Melissa Freeman was born 10 Oct 1839, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 18 Jul 1841, Lawrence County, Ohio.
    2. Camillus Hall Freeman was born 19 Nov 1840, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 4 Sep 1903, Lawrence County, Ohio; was buried Woodland Cemetery, Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio.
    3. Emily Catherine Freeman was born 19 May 1843, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 13 Jul 1844, Lawrence County, Ohio.
    4. William Fustan Freeman was born 16 Mar 1845, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 19 Jan 1931, Lawrence County, Ohio; was buried 22 Jan 1931, White Cottage Cemetery in South Point Ohio.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  William Freeman was born Abt 1775, Va; died 1848, South Point, Lawrence C., Oh.


    The following bit of family history was given by Mrs. Dora H. Marcum:

    Belonging to the type of Freemans averse to taxing their memory, I have reduced to writing some of the thoughts that readily came to my mind when I was requested to take part in this program. I have never thought much about the Freeman. Do not misconstrue my meaning. I do not mean to say, I do not think much of them for I do, and can truthfully say "I think as much of them as they do of me". I know a lot about the Freemans and they know a lot about me and that's that.

    The Freeman family has the honor of being among the pioneer families of Lawrence County, Ohio, having settled in Fayette Township, on the Ohio River about one mile from Solida Creek in 1828. My great-grandparents were William and Sarah Parker Freeman. The former died in 1848; the latter in 1860. My Grandfather Freeman was born in Pittsylvania County, Va. and lived in Richmond, April 21, 1811. I learned from him that his father, when a boy moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia with his parents. That the Parkers came from England and settled on the Ohio River at the site known as Parkersburg, WV, named in their honor. Our great-grandfather traveled to this section of the country and became affiliated with the Parker family.

    George Parker Freeman, my grandfather, known as Uncle George, lived a very pious life, was a member of the South Point Baptist Church for 50 years, being the eldest deacon in the church at the time of his death in his 81st. year. He had a brother Moses Alfred Freeman, who did service in the Civil War. A horse was shot out from under him at the Second Battle of Bull Run, he was injured in the hip, side and back. He was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg, died of his wounds at Washington, was brought to his home and buried on his farm in Fayette Township in 1864.

    Grandfather had two sons, who did service in the Civil War, C.H. Freeman, my father, who enlisted at the beginning of the Civil War and served till the close. He was under Phillip H. Sheridan, was wounded at Winchester and Cedar Creek, while in battle. I have heard him give a vivid description of the close-up of the famous ride.

    William F. Freeman did service at Murfreesboro, Tenn. And was discharged for disability. He lived to the ripe old age of 84. I am proud to know that our kindred did service in this war. My mind can conceive of no nobler deed than that of giving or offering one's life for others. This is what the heroes of this war did, at the time in the history of our country's life, when human beings toiled unpaid. Mothers wept while babies were sold at auctions-black husbands and wives looked their last good-byes and the drops of blood shed by the master's lash, outweighed a nation's gold. Our fathers fought that they might be free-four long years of toll and suffering, defeats and victories, hard fought battles and prison pens, too deep for our comprehension.

    Our forefathers fought for freedom, from the Mother country. My mind now reverts to events recorded in history's pages. I remember much from Lexington to Valley Forge that midnight's despair to Yorkstown's cloudless day. Our posterity fought, WHERE?".

    William — Sarah Parker. Sarah was born 1780, Virginia; died 1860, Lawrence County, Ohio. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Sarah Parker was born 1780, Virginia; died 1860, Lawrence County, Ohio.
    1. David Parker Freeman was born 20 Jul 1802, Virginia; died 02 Jun 1887, Lawrence County, Ohio.
    2. 1. George Parker Freeman was born 21 Apr 1811, Pittsylvania Co, Va; died 23 Sep 1891, Lawrence Ohio.
    3. Moses Alfred Freeman was born 23 Apr 1816, Franklin County, Va; died 23 Jan 1864, General Hospital, Washington, D.C.; was buried 26 Jan 1864, Lawrence County, Ohio.