Hurley Austin Collier

Male 1914 - 1977

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Hurley Austin Collier was born 20 Jan 1914 (son of Ora Jackson Collier and Francess Victoria Parsons); died 12 Mar 1977.

    Hurley — Virginia Inez Cable. Virginia (daughter of Greeley Clay Cable and Lula Mae Hobbs) was born 04 Apr 1918; died 08 Nov 1997. [Group Sheet]

    1. George Edward Collier was born 15 Feb 1939.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Ora Jackson Collier was born 14 Nov 1873 (son of John E. Collier and Louisa Shoemaker); died 11 May 1947.

    Ora — Francess Victoria Parsons. Francess was born 13 May 1883; died 07 Mar 1953. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Francess Victoria Parsons was born 13 May 1883; died 07 Mar 1953.
    1. Courtney Clay Collier was born 10 Oct 1901; died 24 Apr 1978.
    2. Sylvia Emmar Collier was born 25 Aug 1903; died 16 Jan 1971.
    3. Roxie Engle Collier was born 12 May 1905; died 20 Oct 1987.
    4. Goldie Lillian Collier was born 14 Feb 1907; died 19 Feb 1998.
    5. Carl Harvey Collier was born 26 Mar 1910.
    6. Hazel Ester Collier was born 19 Sep 1911; died 19 Jan 1981.
    7. 1. Hurley Austin Collier was born 20 Jan 1914; died 12 Mar 1977.
    8. Leslie Clayton Collier was born 11 May 1915; died Jan 1916.
    9. Lura Estill Collier was born 04 Mar 1917.
    10. Lester Vertin Collier was born 25 Nov 1920; died 07 Apr 1982.
    11. Lorena Hoven Collier was born 11 Jul 1924.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John E. Collier was born 1840, VA.


    Source: Early and Modern History of Wolfe County
    John Collier left Wise, Virginia when a young man. He settled in Wolfe County and married Louisa Shoemaker. They reared 10 children...

    Collier was a farmer and Baptist preacher. He blazed trails over the wilderness that is now Wolfe county, in an effort to teach people the Christian faith. He is still remembered for the extreme stand he took against whisky, and he came to be known as "the whisky fighting Baptist."

    Some of the oldest people in Wolfe County may still remember the "June Tide", a dleuge the like of which has never been seen before or since. It came to be referred to as the "flood that John Collier prayed down" because it swept away so many moonshine stills as it rampaged across fields and bottoms. He died at the age of 56.

    Wolfe countians who are grandchildren of John Collier include Mrs. Hazel Booth, Mrs. Roxie Netherly, Austin Collier, Lester Collier, Wilson Alexander, Mrs. Logan Booth, Mrs. Callie Bryant, Mrs. Delphia McQuinn, Jesse Collier and Mrs. Lawrence Bailey.

    John — Louisa Shoemaker. Louisa (daughter of James Shoemaker and Phenabie Ann Spencer) was born 1844. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Louisa Shoemaker was born 1844 (daughter of James Shoemaker and Phenabie Ann Spencer).


    My (Sharon Milich Kouns) notes state that Louisa Shoemaker Collier was the grandmother of Mrs. Virgie Layne. She was a daughter of Logan Booth.

    1. Bill Collier
    2. Fairenda Elizabeth Collier
    3. Catherine Collier
    4. Mary Collier
    5. Jim Collier died abt. 1926.
    6. Margaret Collier was born 1881; died 02 Oct 1953.
    7. 2. Ora Jackson Collier was born 14 Nov 1873; died 11 May 1947.
    8. Martha Collier
    9. Hub Collier
    10. Temperance Collier

Generation: 4

  1. 10.  James Shoemaker was born Abt 1810, VA (son of William Riley Shoemaker and Phebe Ann Spencer).


    Sharon Milich Kouns research

    1850 Owsley Co. Ky Census taken 28th August 1850 Family No. 223
    James Shoemaker, 40, male, farmer, value of property 600 Place of Birth - Va.
    Phenaby, 40, female, born Va.
    Delia, 15, female, born Ky.
    Tempey, 13, female, born Ky.
    William, 11, male, born Ky.
    Viney, 9, female, born Ky.
    Louisa, 6, female born Ky.
    Lydia, 4, female, born Ky.
    Sarah 8/12, female, born Ky.
    Pheby 19, female, born Ky.

    1860 Owsley Co. Ky Census, Swiftsville, Family No. 789 (his son William was Family No. 790]
    James Shoemaker, age 50, farmer, value 1500, personal 200, b. Va. could not read or write
    Feniba age 50,
    Levina, age 18 domestic
    Louiza, age 15 domestic
    Lydia Ann, 14
    Sarah, 11
    Catherine 4

    1870 Wolfe Co., Ky Census Precinct 3
    Shoemaker, James age 60 b. VA
    Ferinda age 60 b. VA.
    Catherine age 14 b. Ky.
    Sparks, Temperance age 17 b. Ky.
    Wyatt, Jane age 75 b. Ky
    [Was Jane a sister to James?]

    Not proven to be same:
    From The SW Virginian, Vol. 1, #3, Wise, VA, page 29, transcribed by Rhonda S. Roberson.

    This is a petition asking the House of Delegates of VA to place a line "fixed along Clinch Mt. and Montgomery line to the Carolina line" to separate them from Washington Co. These inhabitants include those of Clinch River, Mocason Creek, Powels Valley, north branch of Holstein River, and "others." Dated Dec. 9, 1785. Washington Co., VA, is in the far southern section of VA, just before the border into TN and not far from NC.

    Alexander SEAL, James SHEWMAKER, John SHOEMAKER, John SHORT, Thoms. SHORT, David SKAGGS, Solomon SKAGGS, John SKAGGS, Henry SKAGGS, Edwd. SMITH, H. SMITH, John SMITH, Enius SMITH, Elijah SMITH, Wm. SMITH, Wm. SMITH, Eli SMITH, Evens SMITH, Jr., Edward SMOTE, Tom STACY, Masheck STACY, Meshack STACY, Sammuel STALLARD, Edward STAPLETON, Edw. STAPLETON, Isaiah STILLS, Yeah STILS?, John TATE, Thomas TATE, Robert TATE, Jr., Rober TATE, Sr., Richd THOMPSON, John THOMPSON, Wm. THOMPSON, John THOMSON, Saml VANCE, John VANDYETHE

    James — Phenabie Ann Spencer. Phenabie (daughter of Moses Spencer and Elizabeth Deaton) was born abt. 1810, VA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 11.  Phenabie Ann Spencer was born abt. 1810, VA (daughter of Moses Spencer and Elizabeth Deaton).


    not proven to be same:
    U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880
    Name: Phebe Shoemaker
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Widowed
    Place of Birth: Virginia
    Estimated birth year: abt 1787
    Age: 83
    Month of Death: May
    Cause of Death: Old Age
    Place of Death: (City, County, State)
    Thomas, Lee, Kentucky
    Census Year: 1870

    1. Elizabeth "Betty" Shoemaker was born 8 Aug 1829, Breathitt Co., KY; died 2 May 1902.
    2. Phoebe Ann Shoemaker was born abt. 1831.
    3. Delilah Shoemaker was born 15 Mar 1835, Washington Co., VA; died 23 Oct 1917, Wolfe Co., KY.
    4. Purlina Temperence Shoemaker was born 12 Jan 1837, Breathitt Co., KY; died 06 Oct 1919, Wolfe Co., Ky.; was buried Hobbs-Alexander Cemetery, Wolfe Co., KY.
    5. William Riley Shoemaker was born 1 Feb 1838, Owsley Co., Ky.; died 30 Sep 1877, Wolfe Co., KY; was buried Big Andy Ridge, Lee Co., Ky. Alexander farm.
    6. Ludvinia Shoemaker was born 1841.
    7. 5. Louisa Shoemaker was born 1844.
    8. Lydia Ann Shoemaker was born 17 Nov 1847; died 18 Mar 1926.
    9. Sarah Jane Shoemaker was born 13 Oct 1849; died 18 Aug 1904, Lee Co., Ky..
    10. Catherine Shoemaker was born 12 Apr 1856.
    11. Male Shoemaker died Jun 1852.
    12. Male Shoemaker died Apr 1852.