James Young


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  James Young

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Nimrod Ingram Young was born 8 Feb 1834, Wayne County, Kentucky (son of Washington Young and Margaret Pemberton); died 12 Oct 1923, Buena Vista Township, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Our Silent City Cemtery, Kellogg, Iowa.


    Nimrod spent his boyhood in his pioneer home surrounded by three half sisters, on half brother, four older sister, and this family welcomed four more sisters and a brother. Nimrod and Edward assisted the father in the management of land in Wayne County and additional acres which had been purchased in Tennessee. The older brother and sisters established Thier own home and Nimrod became the older son upon whom the family depended.

    Nimrod was only sixteen years old and taking on the responsibilities of the home. For the next nine years he continued to assist the family with his labors. Nimrod cousin, Alvin Adkins, made a trip to the west and was intrigued by agricultural opportunities, in Jasper county. When Alvin returned to Kentucky and related his adventures to Nimrod as well as his sister, Mary Ann, to come to Iowa. In 1859 Nimrod and Mary Ann began their journey. Nimrod was without capital, but strong and with a praise of willing hands. Mary Ann and Alvin were married January 16, 1860 in Newton, by the justice of the peace. Nimrod worked on the farm for his brother in law.

    The state road passes through the farm and the train of emigrants enticed Nimrod and his succumbed to gold fever. He purchased a yoke of oxen, the first team ever owned, and started his trek across the American desert. On this outward journey, mule teams passed him but he trudged along with his slow conveyance. At the end of ten days the slow but steady ox team passed the mules. For about four months Nimrod labored in Griggers Digging, 75 miles west of Denver receiving $2.50 per day for his labor. He became discouraged and returned to Jasper county in October of that year where he worked in a saw mill and broke prairie sod for the next four years. Each year he sent some of his earning back to Kentucky to be used to pay taxes and maintain the family home. The money sent was to be used to pay taxes and such, unfortunately, these payments did not reach the proper treasury and the Kentucky acres valued at $25,000 were sold for taxes in 1874.

    Nimrod never ceased to care of family in Kentucky as well as his Iowa family, even before his marriage his sister, Rebecca, came to Iowa and died. It was Nimrod who provided a final resting place for her in the Antle Cemetery and erected a stone on July 13, 1867. Nimrod hearing of the tax sale on the property holding, made a trip back to Kentucky in 1874. It was too late to save the holding, and he suffered a nervous breakdown. After the Kentucky property so carelessly slipped out of their control, Mother Margaret came to Iowa to be with her family here.

    Nimrod was tall and slender in stature, and so distinguished with his white hair and bead. In the early 1890's he had his misfortune to break his leg while getting up horses. medical facilities were not as advanced as now, so he spent his remaining years of his life on crutches. The last ten years of his life were spent in the little house on the farm.

    Newton Daily News October 15, 1923 Obituary reads
    N.I. Young was Buried Sunday
    N.I. Young, son of Washington and Margaret Young, was born in Wayne Co., Kentucky, February 8, 1834, and departed this life on the evening of October 12, 1923, at the age of 89 years, eight months and six days. Just a week previous to his death, he had the misfortune to fall as he raised from his chair, and in falling the ligaments and muscles of his left limb were badly sprained. The limb was already afflicted and had caused him to be cripple for 32 years, therefore, in his weak and feeble condition the shock from the fall was more than he could endure. Mr. Young came to Iowa in the year 1859 and worked on a farm not far from Grinnell, which belonged to his brother in law, Alvin Adkins. His first work here was divided between breaking the prairie sod and working in a saw mill. After a few years he and two other young men went out west to try gold digging and worked in the mines about 75 miles west of Denver, Colorado for only four months, then started back to Iowa, trying the hard work here a few more years, after which he went back to Kentucky. On October 2, 1873 he was united in marriage to Miss Lee Anna Norfleet, near Monticello, Wayne County Kentucky, and they came to this state the same year, and settled near the place where he passed peacefully away from this life after only a few days of suffering. Mr. and Mrs. Young celebrated their golden wedding the second day of this month. He is survived by his widow and the following children: Mrs. Tranna Woods, Bolin, John, James, Ivy, Frank, Lloyd, and Mrs. Leola Hook and also 17 grandchildren. Besides his immediate family he leaves two sisters, Mrs. Lucinda Lovelace and Mrs. Mary Adkins, and many friends whose hearts are saddened at his passing away, for he was an upright man fully believing that honesty was the best policy. He was a member of the Pleasant View Methodist Episcopal church, from which place the funeral services were conducted by Rew. J. B. Adkins, of Des Moines, Iowa, assisted by the Pastor Rev. C. E. Baumgarden, on Sunday Afternoon.

    Nimrod married LeAnna Norfleet 2 Oct 1873, Wayne County, Kentucky. LeAnna (daughter of Reverand Jesse Norfleet and Amelia) was born 24 Jul 1854, Monticello, Wayne Co., Kentucky; died 22 Aug 1942, Newton. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  LeAnna Norfleet was born 24 Jul 1854, Monticello, Wayne Co., Kentucky (daughter of Reverand Jesse Norfleet and Amelia); died 22 Aug 1942, Newton.


    Lee Anna was a very small woman, endowed with much patience and understanding. She was always tidy and her home was well organized. She was a woman of few words, but always kind and willing to give a listen. Now alone and 70 year sold, after a few months she moved into Newton where she spent the next 18 years of her life. Cause of death was a fatal stroke.

    Newton Daily News Aug 24, 1942 Obit
    Mrs. Young, Newton, Dies Succumbs at 88, Following Stroke
    Mrs. Leeanna Norfleet Young, 88, of Newton, mother of seven children living within Jasper County, died at Skiff Memorial hospital here Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. She recently suffered a light stroke and had been a patient at the hospital for 11 days.

    1. George Young died 1911; was buried Our Silent City Cemtery, Kellogg, Iowa.
    2. Tranna Young
    3. Bolin Young died 1928.
    4. John Young
    5. 1. James Young
    6. Frank Young
    7. Ivy Young
    8. Lloyd Young
    9. Leola Young
    10. Jesse Young died At birth.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Washington Young was born 1790, Virginia; died Aft 12 Sep 1850, Wayne County, Kentucky.


    Washington Young was a prominent early settler and was the progenitor of a rather large and successful family. It is not presently known when Washington came to Wayne County, nor who his parents were; it is known that he was in the county at the time the census was taken in 1820. It should be pointed out here in the beginning that there were two Washington Youngs in the Little South Fork Country, and to further confuse the matter, they married three daughters of Benjamin and Catherin Troxell Adkins. Washington Young, who lived at the head of Langham Fork, was the older. He first married Sarah Adkins and after her death, he married Margaret Pemberton. This Washington Young, was some 16 years older than the Washington Young who married Emily (Milly) Adkins. We know definitely that Washington Young died prior to February 28, 1853, as this is the date that Margaret (Pemberton) Young was appointed guardian for Granville M., Serina, Rebecca and Sarah E. Young, infant heirs of Washington Young. On the same date John Burris was appointed guardian for Minrod and Polly Ann Young.

    The Washington Young old home place was a large one story log house, and was constructed of oak logs, some of which were 18 inches wide. The dobbing between the logs has the date of 1790 cut into it. On the west end of the house is a large rock chimney, constructed of linestone rock, which is native to the area. In front of the house is a large spring, lined with cedar logs and growing an abundance of water cress. It has been said that Washington owned more than 5000 acres in Wayne County

    1848 - Page 326 Deed Cooper to Young
    This indenture made and entered into this the 28th day of February 1848 by and between Harmon Cooper of the County of Wayne and State of Kentucky of the one part and Washington Young of the County of Wayne and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnessed that the said Harmon Cooper for and in consideration of the sum of Five Hundred Dollars to him in hand paid the receipt of which is Herby acknowledged have granted, bargained, sold, and conveyed unto the said Washington Young and his heirs forever a certain tract or parcel of land situated lying and being in the said County of Wayne on the Little South Fork of Cumberland River containing one hundred and fifty acres bounded as followeth, namely, Beginning at 2 hickory on Steel's line. thence running up the river with the meanders thereof S.83 W.40 poles S.67 W.26 poles S.25 W.20 poles S.10 E.88 poles S.80 W.46 poles S.62 W.36 poles to a stake on the bank of the creek on Baker's line, thence with said line S.50 E.14 poles to 2 white oaks N.80 E.86 poles to a white oak, N.45 E.87 poles to a white oak S.14 E.15 poles to a stake, S.70 E.50 poles to a stake S.25 E.90 poles binding on James Vaughan's line to his corner sugar tree on the South side of the river N.50 E.6 poles to a stake on the bank of the river, thence up the meanders of said river N.25 W.20 poles W.23, E.55 poles N.30 W.70 poles N.40 E.60 poles leaping the river to a stake, thence N.8 W.40 poles to a white oak and sugar tree N.72 W.120 poles leaping the river twice to a hickory and red oak S.52 W.62 poles to a walnut S.50 E.60 poles leaping the river to the Beginning. It being the same tract of land which said Harmon Cooper holds from Aladin Parmly.
    To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances unto the said Washington Young his heirs and assigns and the said Harmon Cooper for himself, his heirs, and assigns do covenant and agree to and with the said Washington Young that he will warrant and forever defend the aforesaid tract or parcel of land.

    After Washington's death, starting with Nimrod's trip in 1859, the children began migrating to Jasper County, Iowa settling in the Rock Creek, Buena Vista and Washington Townships. All the children went to Iowa with the exception of Telitha and Catharine; however, Cyrena, Elizabeth and Evelyn Alice later returned to Kentucky, living there the remainder of their lives.

    Washington married Margaret Pemberton 22 Dec 1823, Wayne County, Kentucky (?). Margaret was born 1805, Kentucky; died 18 Feb 1884, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Antle Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Margaret Pemberton was born 1805, Kentucky; died 18 Feb 1884, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Antle Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa.
    1. Frances Nancy Young was born 9 Jan 1827, Wayne County, Kentucky; died 4 Jan 1916, Sully, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Maarion lot in the cemetery at Colfax, Iowa.
    2. Matilda Jane Young was born 1829, Wayne County, Kentucky; died 1901, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Colfax, Iowa.
    3. Lucinda Young was born 20 May 1832, Wayne County, Kentucky; died 9 Oct 1921, Kellogg, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Our Silent City Cemetery, Kellogg, Iowa.
    4. 2. Nimrod Ingram Young was born 8 Feb 1834, Wayne County, Kentucky; died 12 Oct 1923, Buena Vista Township, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Our Silent City Cemtery, Kellogg, Iowa.
    5. Mary Ann Young was born 5 Oct 1837, Wayne County, Kentucky; died 14 May 1927, Grinnell, Iowa; was buried Rock Creek Cemetery, Kellogg, Jasper County, Iowa.
    6. Cyrena E Young was born 1840.
    7. Rebecca Young was born 1842, Wayne County, Kentucky; died 13 Jul 1865, Jasper County, Iowa; was buried Antle Cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa.
    8. Sarah Evelyn Alice Young was born 1844.
    9. Granville M. Young was born 1848.

  3. 6.  Reverand Jesse Norfleet

    Reverand — Amelia. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Amelia
    1. 3. LeAnna Norfleet was born 24 Jul 1854, Monticello, Wayne Co., Kentucky; died 22 Aug 1942, Newton.