Sumlicy B. Cox

Female abt. 1874 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Sumlicy B. Cox was born abt. 1874, VA (daughter of Armsted Cox and Margaret).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Armsted Cox was born abt. 1844, Floyd Co., VA (son of William Braxton Cox and Nancy Phillips).


    Armsted Cox and family listed above were on the 1880 Indian Valley, Floyd Co., Va. Census. His father, Braxton Cox age 73 was living with them.
    household #240

    household #241 was his brother Mastin Cox (widower) and children.

    Armsted — Margaret. Margaret was born abt. 1848, VA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Margaret was born abt. 1848, VA.
    1. Emazetta Cox was born abt. 1866, VA.
    2. Susana Cox was born abt. 1870, VA.
    3. Druzana Cox was born abt. 1872, VA.
    4. 1. Sumlicy B. Cox was born abt. 1874, VA.
    5. Juba Cox was born abt. 1876, VA.
    6. Charley E. Cox was born abt. 1877, VA.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  William Braxton Cox was born 26 Jul 1806 (son of Ambrose N. Cox, Sr. and Sarah "Sally" Reed).


    1860 United States Federal Census
    Name: Braxton Cox
    Age in 1860: 54
    Birth Year: abt 1806
    Birthplace: Virginia
    Home in 1860: Floyd, Virginia
    Gender: Male
    Post Office: Indian Valley
    Value of real estate: View image
    Household Members: Name Age
    Braxton Cox 54
    Nancy Cox 54
    Owen Cox 20
    Armsted Cox 14
    Thomas Cox 12

    This family are on the 1850 Floyd Co., VA District 15 Census household #931

    The household before them #930 is a Sarah Cox age 75 born Franklin Co., VA

    The household #929 is the Ambrose Cox age 53 b. 1797 family

    Household #935 same census is Mathew Cox age 64 b. ca 1786 Mary age 50, Elizabeth 30 and James M. 14

    William married Nancy Phillips 21 Dec 1826, Grayson Co., VA. Nancy (daughter of William Phillips and Alicy Hensen) was born 1796, Floyd Co.,VA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Nancy Phillips was born 1796, Floyd Co.,VA (daughter of William Phillips and Alicy Hensen).
    1. Milly Cox was born 1827, Floyd Co., VA.
    2. Lawyer Brack Cox was born 1829, Floyd Co., VA; died 21 Mar 1905, Floyd Co., VA.
    3. William Cox was born abt. 1832, Floyd Co., VA.
    4. Sarah Cox was born abt. 1835, Floyd Co., VA.
    5. Lucy Cox was born abt. 1837, Floyd Co., VA.
    6. Elsie Cox was born abt. 1839, Floyd Co., VA.
    7. Nancy Cox was born abt. 1841, Floyd Co., VA.
    8. Owen Cox was born abt. 1842, Floyd Co., VA.
    9. 2. Armsted Cox was born abt. 1844, Floyd Co., VA.
    10. Thinar Thomas Cox was born abt. 1846, Floyd Co., VA; died poss died young.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Ambrose N. Cox, Sr. was born 1772, Botetourt, Halifax Co., Va. (son of Matthew Cox, Jr. and Susan Lucy Dickerson); died 10 Mar 1848, Floyd Co., Va..


    Ambrose and Sarah Reed Cox had thirteen children.

    Many of their descendants are recorded in "Blue Ridge Heritage" and "Ambrose N. Cox, Sr., Descendants, 1772-1992" by Elza B. Cox

    Source: Ambrose N. Cox, Sr., Descendants by Elza B. Cox

    They settled on Indian Creek in Montgomery County (now Floyd County) about 1779

    Ambrose Cox bought 320 acres from Samuel and Mary Vancele in Montgomery Co., Va., 10-7-1800, witness by Carter Cox, Thomas Bobin and George Reed.

    Ambrose Cox and his wife, Sarah sold to John Bishop of Montgomery County 190 acres adjoining the Blakn (Blanch) Duncan property. The said land patent to Ambrose 1800. Witness: George Reed, Blanch Duncan and Luke Cox, 3-27-1812.

    Ambrose N. Cox Sr. Will recorded in Floyd Co., Va., Will Book "B" page 39.
    In the name of God amen:
    It being appointed to all men once to die, I AMBROSE COX Sr. in view of human mortality, being infirm in body but sound in mind and memory do make constitute and ordain this my last will and testament as follows...In the first place I desire all my debts to be paid which being few my perishable property I think will be sufficient to dicharge them. In the next place I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Sarah, my negro man Dick and my Negro woman, Lena and Nancy and all my household and kitchen furniture, Three milch cows and One bay mare Four years old to have and to hold the said negroes, furniture, cows and mare during the natural life of said wife and at her death to equally divided between my Five sons, Luke, Ambrose, Braxton, Maston and Aras R. Cox.

    I further give to my said Five sons as follows...To my son Luke Cox, my negro woman, Strephana and my negro girl Mary Jane. To my son Vincent Cox Jr. a certain tract of land lying in the county of Floyd and bounded on the South by the land of said Ambrose Cox Jr. now lives and on the North by the land of Aris Cox supposed to contain about 250 acres and same man on the left to have and hold the same tract or parcel of land with its appearances to my said son Ambrose Cox, Jr. his heirs and asends forever. I also give and bequeath to my said son Ambrose Cox, Jr. my negro boy Ananias. To my son Braxton Cox, I give my negro woman Amy, and my negro boy, Fleming. To my son Maston Cox I give and bequeath my negro boy Sampson and my girl Cynthia. To my son Aris R. Cox I give and bequeath my negro boy Peter and negro girl, Naomey. I give and bequeath to all my Six daughters, Decy Bishop, Lucy Burke, Sarah Quesenberry, Mary Phillips, Elizabeth Wade and Eunice Wilson as follows...

    To my daughter Decy Bishop the sum of three Hundred Dollars to be paid in annual installments of Twenty-five dollars a year the first payment due Twelve months after my decease. To my daughter Lucy Burke Three Hundred dollars to be paid in such manner and at such times in such intallments as directed in the legacy above to Decy Bishop. If said daughter Lucy Burke should die before the said sum of money or part thereof becomes due, then in that case I give and bequeath the said Three Hundred dollars or such part ther of as be not due at the death of Lucy Burke to my said Five sons, for I am determined her child by Tobias Phillips shall never enjoy any of my effects. To my daughter Sarah Quesenberry I give and bequeath the land on which she now lives and which I purchased of Fleming and Samuel Saunders to have and to hold said land during her widowhood, and then to her children. Also Three Hundred dollars payable also in installments of Twenty-five dollars each year. The first installment due Twelve months after my death. All Three of the above money, legacies to be raised and paid as herein after Three of the above monies legacies to be raised and paid as herein after provided and not otherwise.

    To my daughter Eunice Wilson One Hundred dollars, Fifty dollars a year, first payment due twelve months after my death which last mentioned legacy must be paid out of the funds herein after provided and not otherwise.

    To my daughter Mary Phillips, I give and bequeath my negro woman Betty and a negro girl Esther and my negro boy John. She or her husband Randolph Philips paying to my herin after named AMOS one hundred dollars within twelve months after my death to be appropriated by them to the payment of debts and other legacies. To my daughter Elizabeth Wade I give and bequeath my negro girl Winney and my negro girl Sarah Jane. To my daughter Nancy Lester I give nothing having giving her all I fell myself able to give her. Finally, I give and bequeath to my executives hereafter named all farming utensils after the death of my wife I desire shall enjoy them during her life.

    I also give to my sons as the forsaid all my stock of horses, hogs, sheep and cattle not herein before disposed of and my negro men Comey and Lewis in the following manner... The cattle, horses be at public auction but the Two negroes Lewis and Comey at a private sale to some good master. And out of the proceeds of the said sales to pay my debts and the Four moeny legacies. After bequeathed, however, I desire of these Three my debts be paid first and should the funds hereby raised fall short of paying the debts and legacies last aforesaid I desire that the money legacies above noticeable however per year they fall too short I desire that One Hundred dollars to be paid to my Amos by Randolph Philips to be added to the fund above designated. And if anything then should be left of the above proceeds of stock, negroes, One Hundred dollars be then in this case I give said surplus to my aforesaid Five sons.

    I hereby constitute and appoint Luke Cox and John W. Holmes executors of this my last will and testament and I hereby revoke and declare void all former and other wills I will bequeath at any time or times heretofore made and I do further more make and declare these present my last will and testament in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal the Twenty-Seventh day of November One Thousand Eight Hundred Fourty-Seven. his Ambrose X Cox Sr. mark Seal

    Signed sealed and published and declared by the said testators for Ambrose Cos Sr. and for his last will and testament in the presence of each other subscribed our names as witnesses. Thomas W. Simmons, Owen Summer and Nathan Wade. Proved: This 20th day of March 1848. J. N. Fentameyer, Clerk.

    You will notice that Paul Cox was not mentioned in the will. He had probably died very young. Also there was a man named AMOS listed in his will, we are not sure who he was.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Name: Ambrose N Cox
    Spouse: Sarah Reed
    Parents: Matthew Cox , Lucy Dickerson
    Birth Place: Pittsylvania CO, VA
    Birth Date: 1772
    Marriage Place: Montgomery CO, VA
    Marriage Date: 5 Sep 1790
    Death Place: Beauford, Floyd CO, VA
    Death Date: 10 Mar 1848

    Ambrose married Sarah "Sally" Reed 5 Sep 1790, Montgomery Co., Va.. Sarah (daughter of George Reed and Nancy Wigington or McLaughlin) was born 1775, Franklin Co., VA; died 26 Sept. 1854, Floyd Co., VA; was buried Irenia Cox Cem.. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Sarah "Sally" Reed was born 1775, Franklin Co., VA (daughter of George Reed and Nancy Wigington or McLaughlin); died 26 Sept. 1854, Floyd Co., VA; was buried Irenia Cox Cem..
    1. Decy Cox was born 10 Jul 1792.
    2. Luke Cox was born 23 Mar 1794, Montgomery Co., VA; died 22 Feb 1862, Floyd Co., VA; was buried Irenia Cox Cem., Floyd Co., Va. ?.
    3. Mary Cox was born 17 Aug 1798, Montgomery Co., Va.; died 26 Sep 1854, Grayson, Va..
    4. Nancy Cox was born 17 Aug 1798.
    5. Sarah Cox was born 04 Aug 1800.
    6. Elizabeth Cox was born 22 Jul 1802.
    7. Lucy Cox was born 26 Aug 1804; died 11 Mar 1859.
    8. 4. William Braxton Cox was born 26 Jul 1806.
    9. Paul Cox was born 29 Jan 1808.
    10. Eunice Cox was born 12 Jan 1811.
    11. Mastin Cox was born 06 Jul 1813.
    12. Aris Reed Cox was born 06 Jun 1817, Floyd Co., VA; died 17 Dec 1760, Indian Valley, Floyd Co., VA; was buried Irenia Cox Cem..
    13. Ambrose N. Cox, Jr. was born 22 Jul 1796, Montgomery Co., VA; died 4 Sept. 1854, Floyd Co., VA.

  3. 10.  William Phillips

    William — Alicy Hensen. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Alicy Hensen
    1. 5. Nancy Phillips was born 1796, Floyd Co.,VA.