Anna Brubaker


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Anna Brubaker

    Anna — Horst. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Jacob Brubaker was born 1782 (son of Jacob N. Brubaker and Susanna Erb).

    Jacob — Maria Eby. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Maria Eby
    1. Sem Brubaker
    2. Jacob E. Brubaker
    3. Henry E Brubaker
    4. Isaac Brubaker
    5. Maria Brubaker
    6. ? Brubaker
    7. 1. Anna Brubaker

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Jacob N. Brubaker was born 1758 (son of John E. Brubaker and Maria Dohner); died 1793.


    Died of Yellow Fever, in 1793, contracted while in Philadelphia, he being engaged in hauling his grain and flour to Philadelphia.

    Jacob married Susanna Erb 1781. Susanna died 1844. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Susanna Erb died 1844.


    Taken from the Biogrphical History of Lancaster county

    His young widow devoted her time and energies nobly to her family. Previous to this time some members of the "Old Mennonite" church settled in Canada; they had purchased a very large tract of land. After awhile they found there was a mortgage on it of $30,000, which would be foreclosed; they became alarmed and sent a committee to Lancaster county to solicit aid from their brethren; after some labor they succeeded in raising the amount; this young widow (Susanna) contributed a large sum towards it. The committee started back to Canada, through the wilderness, with this money in gold and silver in their saddle bags, on their horses; they reached home safe and cancelled the mortgage. These events transpired about the beginning of the present century. Those men had nothing to give for security but their word and honor, which they faithfully fullfilled. They surveyed the tract, 60,000 acres, divided it into lots of from 500 to 1,000 acres, and sold tickets to the parties who loaned them money, held a regular lottery, and so this widow drew a large tract of land, in lieu of her claim against the committee. She traveled out on horseback, to see her land. In the year 1816 she sent her youngest son, John, out to take charge of this land; He married there and raised a numerous family, who still possess some of the land, which has become very valuable. The widow, Susanna Brubaker, lived 51 years in wodowhood, and died in 1844, at an advanced age. This old lady traveded to Canada twice on horseback; one day, while leading her horse across the mountains, she came upon a large rattle snake, which was lying across her path; she aimed a blow at it with her walking stick and killed it.

    1. 2. Jacob Brubaker was born 1782.

  3. 6.  Christian Eby (son of Christian Eby and Mayer); died 1807.


    Retained the mansion place on Hammer Creek, which he greatly improved by building a new stone dwelling house in 1754. He also added a large barn, and a new mill, and a dwelling house and barn for his son John.

    He was said to have been a large, well proportioned and athletic man, He was elder in the Mennonite church, and wore a long beard, which in his later years had turned white. He lived during the Revolutionary War, and foraging parties carried off some of his horses and cattle, as also large quantities of flour and grain out of his mill. One one occasion his wife's pewter dishes and spoons, and an oven full of newly baked bread and pies shared the same fate.

    During the winter in which the American Army was encamped at Valley Forge, a number of disable soldiers were quarted in the old Lutheran church, near Brickerville and were supplied weekly with milk and other necessaries from his and other neighboring farms.

    Christian — Catharine Bricker. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Catharine Bricker
    1. 3. Maria Eby
    2. Elizabeth Eby
    3. Christian Eby
    4. Peter Eby died 6 Apr 1843.
    5. John Eby
    6. Andrew Eby
    7. Catharine Eby
    8. Barbara Eby
    9. Anna Eby
    10. George Eby
    11. Benjamin Eby

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  John E. Brubaker was born 9 Sep 1719, Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Virginia (son of Hans John Brubaker and Anna); died 9 Apr 1804, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


    John Brubaker, the eldest son, after having grown to manhood, desired to go to Switzerland to seek a wife, but his parents were dissuaded from consenting. However, he went after his father's death. Family tradition says that John Brubaker returned to Germany for a wife. He arrived in his father's native land, and was received with great joy. His friends had two lamps burning evenings. He was successful in his matrimonial undertaking, and found a maiden, Maria Newcomer, who was willing to cast her lot with him in the New World. John and Maria entered into the sacred relation of matrimony in 1749, eight days before Whitsuntide. They then sailed for America, on the ship St. Andrew at a port in Philadelphia, on September 9, 1749, bringing with them his cousin Abraham Brubaker, son of Abraham and Maria Herr. After their arrival in America, they settled on the half tract (200 acres) of land which his father had bought, (the original purchase by his father was 400 acres of land in the Brubaker Valley, north of Lititz). John and Maria Newcomer were not permitted long to live together, only 30 weeks in fact, the wife dying December 15, 1750. He buried her in the garden, where her remains rested 150 years, and in 1880 they were removed to the Brubaker Family Graveyard, (located along the Brubaker Valley Road about one-half mile east of Route 501) and a suitable tombstone placed at the grave.

    The bereaved husband did not long remain a widower in the wilderness. He married April 30 1751, Maria Tanner (now written Dohner), eldest daughter of Michael Tanner. John and Maria Tanner were blessed with a large family, ten children to be exact. John Brubaker was deprived of his sight during the latter years of his life. During his blindness he would call his grandson (Jacob Brubaker) into his room. Jacob, every Sunday morning, would read a sermon out of his book of sermons, called the "Denner Buch" {Taken from Biographical Annals of Lancaster County, 1903, Vol 1 page 353}(take from Brubaker's and their Lands by Landis H. Brubaker)

    John married Maria Dohner Apr 1751. Maria (daughter of Michael Tanner) was born 1728; died 1802. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Maria Dohner was born 1728 (daughter of Michael Tanner); died 1802.
    1. Christian Brubaker
    2. John Brubaker was born 1752; died 1783.
    3. Anna Brubaker was born 1753; died 1830.
    4. Maria Brubaker was born 1756; died 1827.
    5. 4. Jacob N. Brubaker was born 1758; died 1793.
    6. Abraham Brubaker was born 1760; died 1762.
    7. Magdalena Brubaker was born 1761; died 1832.
    8. Elizabeth Brubaker was born 1764; died 1803.
    9. Veronica Brubaker was born 1766; died 1824.
    10. Barbara Brubaker was born 1768; died 1846.

  3. 12.  Christian Eby (son of Theodorus Eby); died 1756.


    Settled on Hammer Creek in Elizabeth township, about threemile north of Litiz.

    Christian — Mayer. died 1787. [Group Sheet]

  4. 13.  Mayer died 1787.
    1. Anna Eby
    2. 6. Christian Eby died 1807.
    3. Johannes Eby
    4. Barbara Eby
    5. Peter Eby
    6. Andrew Eby
    7. George Eby
    8. Elizabeth Eby
    9. Samuel Eby
    10. Michael Eby