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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adelaide M.  May 1838OH I83 Koontz, Counts 
2 Amanda J.  abt. 1854OH I4124 Kouns Family 
3 Amanda J.  abt. 1854OH I4123 Kouns Family 
4 Sarah C.  abt. 1859OH I2789 Kouns Family 
5 Adkins, Mary Elizabeth  1842OH I127 Milem 
6 Allison, Ida F.  Abt 1859OH I09456 Wiseman Family Tree 
7 Andrews?, Margaret  10 Mar 1819OH I10990 Wiseman Family Tree 
8 Armstrong, Mary J.  1845OH I2510 Kouns Family 
9 Ashbrook, Lucinda  Oct. 1824OH I732 Rees -Alexander Families 
10 Baker, Caroline  Oct 1838OH I12285 Wiseman Family Tree 
11 Bixby, Clara  Abt 1866OH I0071 Campbell Family Southern Ohio 
12 Bixby, Frank A.  Abt 1869OH I0069 Campbell Family Southern Ohio 
13 Bixby, Grace  Abt 1872OH I0072 Campbell Family Southern Ohio 
14 Bixby, Henry L.  Abt 1864OH I0386 Campbell Family Southern Ohio 
15 Bixby, Howard  Abt 1865OH I0070 Campbell Family Southern Ohio 
16 Boyer, Viola B.  abt. 1875OH I1233 Campbell Family Southern Ohio 
17 Brown, Clarence H.  abt. 1897OH I4126 Kouns Family 
18 Brown, Hassel F.  abt. 1907OH I4128 Kouns Family 
19 Brown, Henry C.  abt. 1902OH I4127 Kouns Family 
20 Brown, Raymond  abt. 1909OH I4129 Kouns Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Lyndall  1983OH I4114 Kouns Family 
2 Campbell, Ruby Iretta  11 Feb 1995OH I05348 Wiseman Family Tree 
3 Curtis, John Myers  17 Nov. 1882OH I2079 Kouns Family 
4 Jackson, Roy Carl  09 Nov 1989OH I4042 Kouns Family 
5 Kinnison, Raymond Charles  14 Oct 1984OH I4048 Kouns Family 
6 Oiler, Ahira Wadsworth "Harry"  05 Jul 1936OH I4016 Kouns Family 
7 Siladi, Louis  18 Nov 1996OH I4083 Kouns Family 
8 Smith, Edna Ellen  28 Dec 1928OH I02830 Wiseman Family Tree 
9 Wiseman, Edwin Benjamin  Abt 1894OH I04988 Wiseman Family Tree 
10 Wiseman, Lillian Emaline  Bef 1900OH I03788 Wiseman Family Tree 
11 Wiseman, Philip King  Abt 1889OH I04987 Wiseman Family Tree 
12 Wiseman, William  UNKNOWNOH I03374 Wiseman Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pyles, Bertha May  OH I03914 Wiseman Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Whitehead  04 Mar 1856OH F1263 Kouns Family 
2 Booth / Whitehead  16 Dec 1856OH F1264 Kouns Family 
3 Campbell / Stark  19 Aug 1872OH F90 Kentucky Kouns 
4 Hurt / Whitehead  03 Jun 1862OH F1265 Kouns Family 
5 Hurt / Whitehead  25 Nov 1869OH F1267 Kouns Family 
6 Larrance / Mendenhall  1840OH F374 Rees -Alexander Families 
7 Nye / Hempstead   F164 Campbell Family Southern Ohio 
8 Whitehead / McClain  04 Feb 1874OH F1268 Kouns Family